May 23rd, 2015


oh stop your wining I CANT SIR I'M IRISH

How can I give up wine? It's the only thing that is keeping me aloof.

Recipe for instant Livingston Cabernet Savigney Weaver:

1 cup vinegar
1 cup Koolaid
1/2 cup alcohol
sulfites optional
water down to taste

Did you know that many producers add things like blood to their wine, and yet do not have to disclose this? Also, there is a lawsuit against some winemakers - I think Kennedy or Papantonio is involved - but I forgot what it was about. Something is being added to the wine. Children, probably.

I walked my dog to the vet yesterday, then walked to the store, then walked back to the vet, then walked my dog home. Miles were involved. When I was arriving home, my dog was finally manageable, and we walked towards the house, where the downstairs guy was sitting, and he actually waved to me, so I said, "Hey, Hotshot, how's it goin?" - Perfect - ha! He responded, kinda like a squirmy little child. A little later, J-Girl started stomping around downstairs. Did I say something wrong?

Hey, I wonder if it would be appropriate if I went down there and operated on her, and removed her heart, because that is the equivalent of what they are doing to me. Fortunately, I escape their evil designs by keeping my heart in a jar full of wine, which I keep by the door. I'm saving it for someone. My dog eyes it rapaciously.
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end of world trumpets

Crazy Earth sounds. "Gabriel's Trumpet" sounds are finally being reported in the corporate news. And now the far right is picking up on it, including Alex Jones, who usually avoids all this alien, queasy stuff. You can listen to the sounds here:

...but this article gets nowhere near the actual explanation for this sounds. The explanation is this:

Geomagnetic pole shift is occurring. Changes and interactions in magneto-electronic waves interact with the atmosphere and create audible sound waves. And, yes, these can absolutely be regarded as forewarnings of "apocalypse," because pole shift is a BIG DEAL. It just happens to be occurring at the same time as global warming, mass extinctions, and perturbations with the sun. These things are ultimately all related, and this is what some refer to as god.

Better analysis of these sounds are over at

I have recently found that there is a correlation of ocean heat and higher geomagnetic activity, in the region of the Indian Ocean. This is a wonderful bit of information. More on this subject in some later theme post.
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gut feelings

In this scientiffy journal, I have long positted that illnesses, (often involving problems with glucose utilisation), such as diabetes, alzheimers, CFS, and autism, (etc.), probably involve some as-yet undetermined pathogen. In the case of alzheimers, at least one pathogen has been found to correlate, a micoplasm normally found in the lungs. While I have thought that these pathogens probably existed in the brain, blood, and gut, (which may be so), it is now being hypothesized that AUTISM is associated with a bacteria in the gut. Very important research.

Antibiotics improve autistic child's symptoms, validating the autism-gut microbe connection -

And aside - many so-called genetic conditions may not be so, because it is being found that genetics are more pliable than previously thought, (which I have always believed). The body has an amazing ability to right itself - were it not for other invasive life forms contesting for resources, and manipulating chemical and consciousness dynamics.
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This little light of mine / Cleveland

Racist terriblisists!!!!!!!

This 85-Year-Old Nun Just Spent Two Years In Prison For Protesting Nuclear Weapons -

OK - Now I am going to be fair. Even though Obama endorses Nukes, NSA, TPP, and the BANKSTER AGENDA, he is also supporting the dismantling of coal plants, to allay global warming. I agree with this. But Alex Jones, and all the rest over there, see this as an attempt to control and euthenise everyone, especially Texas. People on Left and on Right both make these kinds of ridiculous assumptions, in order to further their stance. The whole push-back against global warming has been obscene and embarassing. Here is an article supporting Obama, in my view - Huge Insurance Company Cites Climate Change As Reason For Divesting From Coal - - NOTE that BANKS and insurance companies have already been divesting, due to pressure from innovative progressive pressure groups. I have to think that this wouldn't be moving forward so well if Obama and administration, who have a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, (ergo controlling the world), were not urging and pressuring this on! That's the kind of Chicago politics that is GOOD.

Regarding Cleveland: There were police and military build-ups in the area, preparing for possible mass riots. (But, if I had posted about it, I would have been called a right-wing conspiracy theorist). Now, the judgement has come down - not guilty. It is really looking to me that there is a habit of getting the info on jury, (or grand jury), inclinations or decisions off to the Feds, before the decisions are publicly released. My suspicion is that this is written into some National Security Crap legislation somewhere. In fact, it is probable, to me, that jurors may be told to sit waiting for a few days after their decision, so it gets to the Feds, who then install plans and movements, before releasing their decision in court. Federalising the jury box.

I happen to listen to Cleveland radio virtually every night. ("Coast-to-Coast"). So, I get all the nonsense on LaBronze James, or whoever. And DeflateGate. Regarding Cleveland: It is interesting how many national stories are coming out of there these days, lately. - As opposed to, say, Columbus, which has more people, or Cincinnati, etc. The one great thing that Cleveland has going for it is the Cleveland Clinic - but also the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But it is looking to me that Cleveland is acting like Detroit in its final throes of life.

What I recently learnt about Ohio: First of all, I have always noticed that a LARGE amount of USA presidents have come from Ohio. Why? This question was answered for me recently, on some radio interview. A lot of 1776 revolutionaries moved there. In addition, Dayton ended up being a hot bed for American innovation and industrialism around the turn of the previous century, and beyond. Dayton is a big Democratic town, right on the outskirts of Cleveland.

(I have always been interested in the radicals, and the Loyalists, who moved into Tennessee, and then NC).

So, I guess that Cleveland is a another bit of dying Americana. No more industrial base. Things fall apart.

Regarding Baltimore: Here is a city which, a few decades ago, had a strong vision for the future. It was even progressive, in the Catholic way, investing in local neighbourhoods. Somewhere along the way, there was some kind of disconnect in communications.

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