May 16th, 2015

pink floyd - dark side


It's funny how people talk and don't see what they're saying. It is also inevitable that the irony of the universe will forever stultify all our rational intentions. I heard a progressive interview about poor people in crime areas needing vouchers to move out. Then someone mentioned that the conservatives would be mad if poor people were being given vouchers to move into high class, expensive areas, virtually for free. For doing nothing. For doing nothing but being disabled or deprived. So, then the other person said something like, "Well, no, we wouldn't want them to move THAT far up. We would want them to be moved into less poor areas - not into actual rich areas."

Which ends up being discrimination. So, what will happen, then? The whole voucher idea will be rejected entirely, on legal grounds. Because it was an absolutism. A voucher for every poor person is an absolutist concept, which will tend to get attacked on every side, in the USA, (precisely because it is so). I personally think that vouchers are a stupid, after-the-fact bandaid idea. I'm not interested in redistribution of wealth after it happens. Yes, I am interested in fairness in the real world, in real politics. But what I am deeply interested in is a new economics - in the first place.

I am beginning to wonder if it might be a natural law, that every time progressives seek to move forward in time and in ethics, there will always be something limitting the ideas, which ends up making the progressives look like moralistic, controlling prudes. Looking back on the past, because hindsight is 20-20, that's how all the progressives eventually end up being painted. By people sitting on the riches of many of their endeavours.

But, in retrospect, the endeavours of many progressives do seem to have been Puritan and callous, hewing to higher callings, like of humanitarianism. In fact, this should be looked at as a barometer of how blind THE REST OF THE SOCIETY was at the time, completely unconcerned with such issues or questions. Rather, much of the populace was interested in survival or greed, if they had the luxury for greed. It really is not fair to judge the past so much. One thing we do when we judge the past: We ignore that the same problems which existed then do continue now, in deeper, stealtheir ways. Banksters are still carpet-bagging us.

Look at the systems. Look at the mentalities. Mentalities based on philosophies - enabling mentalities. Look at the alternative philosophies. Stop blaming individuals. Look for coalitions. Go beyond the black and white. The sophisticated elite proliferate upon subtleties of grey - and colour - depriving us all of such nature. The finest profit - the subtlest means - the greatest art - the ultimate capital - is funnelled up to the top, while we are left scraping, when those things could flower profusely in our own common domain. See this - and see ahead.

Alternate energy. Alternate economic structures. Alternate humanity.

Dare to push into the future despite the public scorn!
pink floyd - dark side

Why Are You Still Smoking Pot?

Hash Oil is legal in some states. Anybody got a map of those states? Drop it in my drop box. Haggling for medical pot in Illinois is Kafkaesque.

Why Are You Still Smoking Pot? -

CBD Oil Still Not Legal in Many MedCan States -

Hashish laws still hazy in states with legal weed -
pink floyd - dark side

Dear autistics: Take "Bird-Brain" as a compliment!

After much incidental observation, I came to the conclusion that the sparrows outside my window would start chirping in this loveless hood whenever they heard me singing or humming.

Life begets life.

(And we creatures are immediately inclined to preserve life, in kind).

In my life, I have seen that birds have an intelligence, and feeling, beyond us, just like cats. After all, birds have been around for many, many more millions of years, since the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs weren't stupid, they just had bad luck.

Fairly recently, I have come to the conclusion that whenever I would cook eggs, with my window open, the sparrows outside my window would start chirping nervously. They seem opposed to cooked eggs for some reason.

A few days ago, I was cooking eggs, and the birds began to chirp. But, I thought, "How can that be? My fan is running air INSIDE, not OUTSIDE." I later checked the fan... I had accidentally set it to run air out, rather than in. Birds know.

Birds are watching us. They take a dump on people who they generally think deserve it.

Birds think a thousand times faster than we do. Their individual species songs may seem identical, but they are just CARRYING WAVES. Astute birds are listening in to the finer, faster, frequencies along these waves.

Birds are geniuses.

Humans only come to understand this after they have committed egregious crimes, so devoid of humanity and nature in their lives. They get sent to Alcatraz. After many years, they find out that birds are smarter than we are.

And then we call these prisoners crazy.

In most medieval paintings, meaning to convey foreboding, there is a dark bird painted into a corner. Why? Because birds are oracles. Listen to your elders!

Birds think so fast, they can see various futures, including your own. You may see a cat sitting, knowing a dog will be approaching, and then the cat will spryly dash off.

But there is something sitting aside, who is smarter than the psychic cat.

There is the bird.


Humanity may have failed if it were not for these sweet omens.
pink floyd - dark side

Your Motto is Freeing

What a wise, yet brief, meme thingie...

Your motto is: "The more you love your decisions the less you need others to love them."
You've figured out over the years that no one knows what's better for you than you yourself.

You respect the opinions that others have, but in your mind they are only opinions. You keep them in perspective.
Not everyone is going to be cool with how you live your life, and you are okay with that. You make sure to make yourself happy first and foremost.