April 2nd, 2015

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Tasmanian Devil living life as a BADGER

Did you know that I used to badger LJ for changes, back in the day? I think they started following my jnl, and picked up on several posts I made, seeking and advocating changes on LJ. I really think that this influenced their decision to create a personal notepad, and also to create those four icons at the top, (if they are still there), and more. There is more, I can't remember.

Back in the day when LJ was responsive in the American Way. Don't get me wrong. I actually LIKE that it was sold to Russia, but that is a wholenutherpostyo.....

I have been so fucking ill lately you have nooooo idea.

Here are two of my responses to LJ today -


I applaud this. I have been doing it anyway, however. No one comes back. Well, one or two give it a whirl. But they put no effort into finding their own NEW friends, and so they give up because no one comments. Address this! Find them some new friends or something, these lazy asses don't deserve to be on LJ, but hey.

Also, one month paid? NOT ENOUGH. You can still profit if it is a more enticing THREE MONTHS at least! A free pic package! And all that.

Finally, how about making an ad that everyone can post on Facebook and tumblr, because that's mainly where all the LJ emigrants fled to, idiotically. Actually, when the world collapses, so will FB, and many will come fleeing back here, so my main advice is to be patient.

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madman101 at 2015-04-02 20:35 (local) (Lien)
Seriously. You know what you should do - next?

Promote LJ as being a LIFE journal. A long-term record of the person's thoughts, friendships, and spirits. Advertise how legacy accounts will be honoured. How people lost on LJ will be found. Be a fucking religion!!!!!

But, more to an audience which includes meh:

A lot of people post some pretty important, meaningful stuff. THEY WANT TO KNOW IT WILL NEVER BE LOST. We want to hear that it is saved in duplicate!


Expand - I mean WAY expand - I mean revolutionarilly - your offer of printing out LJ's into BOOK FORM. Go as far as offering online, etc., publishing opportunities. You fools could be making so much fucking money. You have no idea what wealth is sleeping under your nose. You have the chance to be vanguards on the internet. And you are niggling. NIGGLING!

I want many of my LJ posts set into book form. Advertise how you can do this! This is a place for serious writers! Earth-shakers! Fuck all that FB whining and back-stabbing. That's exactly what your advertising campaign should say...

"Fuck all that FB whining and back-stabbing."

"THINK! - For a CHANGE!"

Get rad bitches.