March 8th, 2015

hot superheroes

Profundity alert.

"World Cafe" played Laurie Anderson's eerie, prophetic song, "O Superman," the other night. As some of you already know, I am a fanatic of this song, and from the album, "Big Science," which was released as a 25th anniversary CD, around 2006. So - I again got the gumption to post on it. Before I do that, I ask you to go to these posts, , and get an early glimmering of what is coming up in my upcoming post.

In the lyrics post, please go to the link there, and read the comments (at "songmeanings").

My main theme will be how the song - and the album - has been a true prophesy. As I have written before, art, rising from pure creativity, can sometimes hit right on the mark, as prophesy, in the same way that dream images, or coincidences in the origami universe, may arise and organise out of apparently informationless randomness.

(What is time? What is consciousness? What is prophesy? We will never have the answers to these questions so long as we are fixated on a mentality of externalities).

Well - I wished that I would have been able to offer you a link to, "O Superman," at the NPR, "World Cafe," site, so you could HEAR the song. However, my computer cannot access this. So - if anyone can grab this link, or any link to an audio of the song (or album), would you please leave it here in the comments section???

In any event, if you have not heard this song yet, please find a way to listen - iTunes, or etc.
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