December 10th, 2014

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Stop the Global Corporate Coup! - Stop the TPP !

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STOP FAST-TRACK: Congress: Don't betray democracy! No "Fast Track" for the TPP

Congress is pushing legislation right now that would "Fast Track" the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- a secretive agreement negotiated behind closed doors by government bureaucrats and more than 600 corporate lobbyists. It threatens everything you care about: democracy, jobs, the environment, and the Internet.

We oppose fast track because "free" trade = corporate rule. ... The TPP is the superhighway on the Road to Serfdom. It is the legislative structure that accelerates emerging Global Corporate Feudalism.

TPP will result in the same job losses, low wages and environmental degradation that we have seen from NAFTA.

Contrary to supreme court decisions, corporations are not persons and money is not speech. We must amend the U.S. constitution to that end. Read more. - STOP FAST TRACK - !

See the many other reasons why WE oppose "Fast Track". More than 100 organizations oppose "Fast Track". Includes a list of links to some great progressive orgs, (many not listed over at HuffPo, etc.) - including:
Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition - and -

Learn more about the TPP - and take action!.... "It's NAFTA plus several other nightmarish laws (like the failed SOPA/PIPA) all rolled into one." - Flush the TPP! - ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN

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US Government Study Predicts TPP Trade Agreement Will Produce Practically No Extra Growth For Anyone - Tech Dirt, Dec 5, 2014