December 9th, 2014

* - Elephant of Life

Look, Mommy! 36 Vapourised Banksters are falling from the sky!

I loved, "War of the Worlds." Movie. Book. Radio broadcast. You all know this. How prophetic it was. Big cellphone towers, drinking our blood, and such. Well, Collapse )

Not to mention whatever real ALIEN UFOs may have been involved in their designs, and/or may have been watching over us to save us from our own Earthly impulses towards destruction, so perfectly embodied in the corrupt lives of these misguided elites. Perhaps the next 9/11 will involve UFOs coming out of Uruguay, dropping CARE packages full of Ebola. That would be a nice symbolic homage to the Smallpox-laced blankets and Whiskey that some white marauders gifted to the Native Americans. The War of the Worlds has always been now.

(Note: Doug Hagman just now briefly spoke on Coast-to-Coast on this very subject, saying the total of suspicious banker deaths is actually at about 55. Facts are being twisted and covered up, and media accounts conflict with autopsy reports).