November 30th, 2014

pink floyd - dark side

Eloquent rant; CFS, and stuff on Nether-like PSYCHOPATHy.

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Oh! A very important point I meant to add: People think that psychopaths can be evil geniuses. Well, yes. For one thing, they spend their adolescence learning how to put their higher brain and related thoughts into the service of their reptilian brains, rather than vice versa. Also, like animals, they also key into psychic signals, although they may not realise this - although, they often tend to be superstitious and cultish in their private lives as well. But the important point is that sheer limbic or reptilian emotionalism is what carves out most of the so-called genius - the schemes and logics and manipulations. It is the method of emotionalism which virtually PHYSICALLY devises the logics of death - what, to normal outsiders, may seem surprisingly intelligent. No. Not so much! EMOTIONALISM CREATES THE ELEGANT LOGICS OF DYSFUNCTION. Do you see what I am trying to say? I will emphasise this again in the later post(s).

NOTE: The mini theme post below, posted earlier today, is NOT the theme post mentioned in this here post, I reckon, and has yet to be written.