July 3rd, 2014

spliff mon

the new definition of "popularity"

Good grief - the hack attempts are relentless today! Mainly from China, (Black Lotus), but also from the same USA Big Bother regulars, and panther CDN, and etc.

Why? Tomorrow is Independence Day. Many of the China hackers are in collusion with USA Corporatist-Intelligence ROGUES. Meanwhile, the REAL USA government is trying to sniff out THEM, (even though some of the REAL USA government is in collusion with them), AND sniff out crazy right-wing and Muslim potential terriblists, of which many of us are suspect. Because that's what we overpay them all to do.


And others make INSIDE JOBS.

Everyone is under surveillance - if only indirectly. Some of us are on BIG lists, for special attention.

I feel special.

Because this makes it extremely difficult to post, navigate, etc.

PS - I might even be experiencing another DDOS attack - this is so thick. I need to check...