September 10th, 2013

pink floyd - dark side

As the times unfold... ironically...

In the future, humanoids will be grown in a giant Computerus. They will be shorn of much care. They will mostly discuss abortion. Pro-choice versus pro-life. Liberty. Security. Giant tampons.

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* Please do not support any short-term or longer-term plans for aggression on Syria or Iran. Now is the time not to relax, but to intensify your intentions and resolve!!!

Just fyi-

Ron Paul: Chemical Weapons In Syria A "False Flag" - (YouTube) -

Rand Paul Challenges Senate to Not Start World War Three -

Libertarianism: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda - /

*** "Because Obama!": Second City Mocks Liberals Supporting War -

Obama Supporters Endorse Karl Marx as Next US President -

Charlie Rose Interview of Bashir Sadam Bin Qadaffi Assad Assange: -

Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories -
xmas - snow house

massive mortgage fraud, etc.

How Big Banks Can Steal Your Home From You Even If Your Mortgage Is Totally Paid Off -

Check the past of any house you may be buying, or renting. Check for MERS number!!! This is one of the biggest scams in history. They continue trading titles as if they were bad loans (mortgages), which they also mass-processed via illegal auto-signing of false names. The illegal "securitised mortgages" is the much of the foundation of the derivatives market. Both the derivatives market and the housing market will be failing within a few years, for dif and also related reasons.

Look for book, "Clouded Title" - tell your lawyer, your real estate agent, your local judges and sheriffs to read it. To find, goggle 'mers dave krieger clouded title.'

There are MANY ABSOLUTELY ENTRANCING, AND ENTHRALLING interviews with author Dave Krieger on this topic(s) over in the Power Hour's archives!!!

Also - lots of good Syria articles via latest , although I don't blame anyone for wanting to put this issue to bed for a night... or more...