April 24th, 2013

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Sweet Little 16 Things that Lydia can do to Lose Weight!

OK - here's a quick diet post. I have several links on diet and vs. diseases, but I am only concerned with dieting and weight loss in this post. But I am adding two other links to the gut posts re: "diet causes alzheimers", (cuz they may be somewhat related). There are also interesting health links over at, healthy_planet.

I must create an imaginary person named Lydia. This is to avoid legal issues.

Lydia wants to lose weight, and so here are some things she has found out which may be guaranteed to help. She reads the following in a comic book ad or else medical textbook, idk...

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PS - I never even mentioned DETOXING, (in addition to ANTI-OXIDANTS!), which can free up energy and so probably help reduce weight gain! So, check detoxing out. One really easy way to detox is to take some BENTONITE CLAY daily. This has the added benefit, (not mentioned above), of clay adding crucial trace minerals to your system! - Also... here's an incoming: "Battling Obesity ... with a Brain Implant?" - http://www.livescience.com/29061-obesity-treatment-brain-stimulation.html