April 11th, 2013

duh - bitch slap

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The Nethers erupted into a serious argument yesterday. He told her, "You got something wrong with you, you know that?!" And, I said, "Right again."
* - Elephant of Life

Anti-Google Manifesto

Privacy is the cornerstone of the Commons.

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PS - Assuming there is no right to privacy where and since memory is never erased, (internet), is simply an obscenity of justice, in the same vein as, "money is speech - and so corporations are people." We need to see what is going on here. Our reason in being REPROGRAMMED by a small group of wealthy, vested interests, hiding in the shadows.

eek - bleh!

Power, Part 2 - ("Killer Queens", Part 1.6)

But what is POLITICAL POWER, oh great Preying Mantis of wisdom? First of all, there is some power in being able to type this stuff out on my laptop, and then being able to take a rest-break when I see the need. Granted, there is very little power in this - as there is very little power in ME - but I need the rest in order to revitalise my CAPACITANCE, and so my ability to produce and associate and convey information further. So, will be back soon...

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Political power can be defined in one or many or all of the following ways:

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#10- Political power is a WOMAN. Hoooooooo YEAH baby!!!!!!