January 23rd, 2013

cheers - smiling flower


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BTW - I started eating eggs for my health. Cholesterol, lutein, choline, vitamins - almost all-protein - these are essential things I need. I also drink coffee - and wine - for my illness. Otherwise, I wouldn't be spending the money. Remember: Anything that helps hyper-sensitive, ill me, is bound to also be good for you, most likely, and help you prevent disease. For example, once you lose your healthy gut flora, due to gluten irritation and carbs and meat and acidics and alcohol, then you might find yourself stuck with a simmering chronic illness, and by that point,it's almost too late to turn back, e.g., simply by not eating "bad" foods - unless you resort to a very deliberate, activist health regimen, and who needs that? So, be healthy now.