November 2nd, 2012


"Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld, So I can sigh eternally." - Nirvana

Here's a song via the bobby1933. I remember hearing it before, (although I forgot how it sounds), but I really liked it. It can be a song to god, or to some damn Indian deity, or to nature, or to your own humility or BDSM master. A sense of gratitude or grace really helps in this world - or just the thought that you are not being flung into the side of a mountain by some superstorm hurricane. Grace, gratitude, humility, appreciation, uncertainty, awe, empathy, service, generosity, self-awareness, will, determination and free-association - and a conviction to justice - these things will lift you out of self-harm and allow you to sing this song for maybe 90 years or longer especially if accompanied by wine and nuts...

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duh - zombies

drunken ant logic

It once was a land of milk and honey. Now it's a land of bilking money - killing off bees, banning raw milk and doping cows with bt. Why? One thing is that the mantra of democracy has focused too much on the rewards, and so the ends, and the means, began to bifurcate into being INJUST or perverse. More and more, the mantra became a death chant.

The mantra of the democrats: "REPAIR! - EXPLOIT! - REPAIR! - EXPLOIT!"

The mantra of the republicans: "DESTROY! - EXPLOIT! - DESTROY! - EXPLOIT!"


Degenerates to THIS: "DESTROY! - DESTROY! - DESTROY!"

It's an addiction, which, (if we manage to see it), we say we cannot control. Using a whole panoply of excuses.

That is, unless we get it together and breed with aliens.