October 5th, 2012

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From insanity comes rectitude

HELP! - If anyone can discern a sudden problem of continuity in this post, please let me know where it lies!!! While writing this, my cursor jumped to a wrong area in the text and I never corrected it. So, there may be blocks of text clashing somewhere. THANK YOU! I need to rest now and then go out.

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Whatever your health: read more about coconut oil, ketone bodies, and fasting!!!

Bruce Fife, N.D. - http://www.thepowermall.com/thecenterforhealth/bio/fife.htm

Search http://thepowerhour.com/past_shows.htm for past show(s) on coconut oil.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5OweuLlgXU

Coconut Research Ctr - http://www.coconutresearchcenter.com/
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"Strictly speaking, all amassing or hoarding of wealth above and beyond one's legitimate requirements is theft. There would be no occasion for theft, and therefore no thieves, if there were wise regulations of wealth and absolute social justice." - Mahatma Gandhi

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The Singing Revolution, a documentary film
singingrevolution.com - The Singing Revolution film shares how, between 1987 and 1991, hundreds of thousands of Estonians gathered publicly to sing forbidden patriotic songs and share protest speeches, risking their lives to proclaim their desire for independence.