September 16th, 2012

b hat

small comforts in autumn's first whimpers

My brain wouldn't let me continue so maybe more deeply superficial stuff tomorrow. Here is a wonderful "World Cafe" - so good - - also intimates a trend I feel going on in music, coming from three directions, which is a "return" to "prairie-style" folk - somewhat new for the times. It's coming in from countrified/1950-1960s Indie. It's coming in from a Scottish-type drone-backed Jackson-Brown Neil-Young Byrds type including many of the folks in this World Cafe, but also Decemberists, Dawes, and others. And it's coming in from old-timers all pretending they are the new Woodie Guthrie or Bob Dylan, including Bob Dylan - and Bob Mould, Billy Bragg, (Elvis Costello possibly), the Kinks guy, and others I can't remember. And I'm going to name this emerging form, needed for these times - I am naming it, "True Grit," or "Grit Rock," or, "Grit Folk Rock." Works for meh. The OCCUPY CD was also great, btw. Buy it.

After laughing at my dog pissing on the porch, (which I don't mind but isn't good for teh porch), some neighbours on their porch across the way sat silent as a crazy big tan dog ran out of nowhere in the street, in front of them, and then past them, stopping across the street from me and mine own dog. My dog caught sight, and stood attentive. I was very cool, holding long leash taut, but wanted to wait to see what would come down. Well, the stray dog then spotted my dog and POOF! he disappeared in fright, like a hairball into a vacuum cleaner nozzle. That was cute and funny and mildly amazing. Those neighbours were pretty impressed. I've told you how folks here ultimately back down. Fear. Here was a crazy big stray dog having his way with the lawns, suddenly fearing and disappearing away into Mother Night at the sight of my Big Akita Bear dog. Or, was he just overwhelmed by my outstanding coolness? We may never know.

oh-ver-hwelm -
the drone -

Also.. When I was a khwid, I listened to shortwave - and I LOVED the Arabic music coming from Radio Cairo the best. Next to that, I loved the music from Radio Sofia, Bulgaria and Romania. A mix of Gypsy, Greek, Slavic, even Celtic sounds - really awesome music, I'm telling you. Now I'm pretty open to Klezmer music. Well, a band which may come close to these sounds will be featured on WPR's, "Simply Folk", this next Sunday at 5:pm Madison time -