July 19th, 2012

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What's interesting is this Obama (para) quote, "You didn't make that. Someone helped you along the line. Other people helped your business succeed. Someone helped you make money on the internet..." etc. - Well, this is being referenced by the progressive left as keen wisdom about how we are all in this together. The COMMONS. The legacy of past infrastructure and technology and minds, etc. None of us is superman. "But for the grace of god." Well, the very same (para) quote is being used by Alex Jones, (and prolly other righties), to SKEWER Obama for daring to say that hard-working, free, productive indivviduals don't have a right to the proceeds of their work, and their work alone. This is really an unusual occurance - left and right so opposite on one quote. It probably indicates an area of fundamental philosophical or emotional disagreement between left and right. I don't like hearing Obama following up with, "The MILITARY built the internet..." and the MILITARY can taketh away! Not cool. But I don't think this was sly cunning on Obama's part, though - I think it is just elitist dumbness - a Romneyism. I think Obama is TRYING to express Thom Hartmann's COMMONS ideas, as he has also expressed views from several progressive radio talkers lately - he IS listening these days, catching on, finally. He just wasn't raised with progressive fire in his belly - it is partly, at least, scripted. And, Obama knows these things far more than Romney, et al, but still - Obama HAS had a lot of big things handed to him on a plate, including student loans - so, like many academics, I just think he is a bit off-key, that's all. The fact is, Alex Jones, etc., should remember his own words, many times, expressing the same sort of concept, where each of us stands on the shoulder of, "great men." The need for this ideologic split, between stridant libertarianism and progressive communitarianism, is not so necessary - it is unfortunate, this rabid falling-out between left and right but oh well. There it is, the difference will stay there until our national FEAR finally clears, which will be a long while from now.

I've been working all day, putting everything in bags - there is so much more to go, before they arrive to do the BOMMING tomorrow. Not sure how I am going to deal with dog, going to park or something for several hours so we don't have to breath the toxic fumes and listen to cockroaches coughing. I am really looking forward to my coffee and chocolate tomorrow morning, though. I guess that's kind of like my last meal before I am executed. Cuz these fumes are NOT going to be good for me at all. It's possible that I have been so reactive to this apartment because of the BOMMING that was done in some earlier year. I HOPE this goes better than it might. I'm just not worrying, just trying to deal with the cleaning/bagging/leaving/dog. Ended up in a somehwat long conversation with Nether Girl about the bugs yesterday, after I had a sixpack, after returning from the stores. I don't think I looked too drunk, but my CFS always makes me seems weird to others - plus I had a little migraine. Finally, cool air coming through the windows - and dog has been Sooooooo good, and so delightful today. Must sleep now, ta ta, y'all.