June 1st, 2012

crazy /eek - screaming ashtray

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I have been so slammed by CFS each day, it's just impossible. Later today, I did manage to have a great talk w/ a PayPal "Techie" (sorta), and he believed I am running into a spoof site which wants to steal my info/spirit/money. And now when I try to go to PayPal, it goes right to this site. Problem is, he could be wrong. It might really be PayPal. I blocked it anyway, and am avoiding PayPal for a while. I'll just withdraw via my debit card and deal with other matters somehow. I have SOOOO much I want to post here, but I need to spend time figuring out what to order from Azure, to get my iodine, (etc.,) ASAP. Also, I've been placing slices of my olding pseudo-hispanic cornbread on a pan and browning them and OMG - THE MOST DELICIOUS thing ever! Molasses-corn taste unlike anything ever before in history of 7 universes. Obama has been in Chicago/Minn. - where media reaches into Wisconsin. This suggests that someone may have TOLD him never to go into Wisconsin to fight Walker - but maybe he'll make a surprise appearance. I've wondered why the DNC has not devoted $$$ to the anti-Walker fight, and I concluded it was because the Justice Department has Walker nailed, and Obama needs that $$$ for the Pres. race. Obama also has to play along and get along in order to get as much megacorp superpac money he can, just to make a showing against Romney. So disgusting that both races have AGAIN been warped into a so-called "dead heat." I am so... ugh!!!!......