April 26th, 2012

Isochronal Dreams

the talking rocks - UPDATED!

I hear the opening music in, "The Politics of Truth," and I want to play Depeche Mode all day. I really got into Depeche Mode back during the Cafe Saga, RIP. They claim one of my all-time fav songs ever, "Enjoy the Silence". The Cure, (which I got into slightly earlier), also has one of these, "Close To Me". I also want to spend a day making an all-time-fav Beatles CD. Beatles comprise my largest collection, but I still am lacking a lot of their mx. Before I started this post, I was thinking that maybe the title, "Revolver," was (also) meant to suggest revolution, via a revolver. Then I thought that maybe this album might have been a prophesy for our times, what with, "Taxman," and the philosophical, "Within You and Without You." Revolver is amazing. ... Collapse )

The WALL: http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/ptr/pfloyd/review/wall_floyd.html