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Despite my my my migraine, I I I went to see a cheap movie tonight. I have to tell you, this is a great movie, actually reminding me of, "Snowden," at the end. Botox Office appeal! If you is a gal then you can take your moron to THIS movie, which he'll love. I loved it, and I ain't no ways a moron. Very entertaining. Saves the moralising until the guy gets shot to death. Sweet.

ISTG - I don't think I even saw Tom Cruise actually RUN in this movie! But, he brought back all that fanciful mucho-gusto that we loved from "Risky Business." (I also loved, "War of the Worlds" - and some others). I have to tell you that Cruise went further than his obsession with physicality, and he played the part of a Southern opportunist so well that it makes you forget this is Tom Cruise. Excellent.

I am not bubbling over from this movie. What I liked so much is that it exposed a lot of USS BULLCRAP from the past, and I thank Cruise for taking this movie. It focuses in on Mena, Arkansas. Unfortunately, it does not tell you that THAT is where so much crap went on that IT LED TO THE BOMBING OF THE OKC FED BUILDING, WHERE ALL OF THE RECORD OF MENA WERE KEPT. Guess who signed off on the Oklahoma City Bombing, but Bill Clinton. Left or right, they are all playing the big money game. But this movie at least hinted at the top-notch corruption. Reagan wasn't elected for popular reasons. It's always the big fish.

As I struggled to this movie, I was verbally accosted by kids around the corner, with whom I had a confrontation - not yet posted. I happened to be running to accord to the changing stoplight, and so I never meant to deal with their cowardly crap. I went to the library and actually fell down due to CFS. The good people there allowed me to check out some DVDs despite my not having my library card. This is the good thing about being in a small town. Then, I rushed to the movie.

After the movie, I walked home in the darkness. Of course. I honestly have no fear. (JUST LIKE THE GUY IN THE MOVIE. Guys are fucked up in this way... ) There is a dog who often barks at me along this way, but I think I have sublimated him a bit. We should be good friends soon enough. He did not bark on my way back. But, there was this dead fat racoon lying by the street. Freshly dead, for no unknown reason.

I want you to all kiss your own asses and thank the universe that you are still alive. Do that for meh. As you know, I am not yet charging for you patronage, lol.

OH - did I tell you? That movie ended with probably my most favorite George Harrison Song:
"Wa Wa". How can I NOT love that movie!?!

They made this movie secretly for me. Lol/ ugh.

Oh - also to mention...  As I returned home, there was a blazing fire-truck approaching, who did the " honk-honk honk-honk-hong" thing at me as they passed.  I know I have friends here, made simply by my own honour.  Right where the jackals had hounded me earlier.


birdandfox at 2017-10-06 20:51 (UTC) (Lien)
Have you seen mother! yet?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-10-08 10:08 (UTC) (Lien)
Not yet, but I definitely will now! That Darren Aronofsky seems like someone I need to keep my eye on.

After reading about this movie, I see one thing that bothers me: violence - too much of it. I see a lot of movies that seem to be following 'video' games in using endless and extreme violence in order to somehow gratify their viewers, like, "Doctor Strange," and other superhero movies. I just saw, "Tomorrowland," and found it to be a wistful movie strangely half-full of violence. I personally don't see the need for this, and feel it is more than a waste of time and money. Right? I mean, "Tomorrowland," was DISNEY - eeeeg!

Other than this, which I can tolerate just fine, I think I definitely must see, "mother!" - thanks!

So, this:

I looked up, "mother!" on Wiki, and got a general page about mother/s. The origin of the word, "mother," interested me - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother#Etymology.

So, then I searched for more, and found that there was not just close similarities in Gaelic and continental Indian language, but also between Gaelic and Algonquin. This agrees with my observations of the similarities between NW European and Algonquin architecture, as well as society.

I then found this little site (from California) which then had a page about a college near to me, featuring a professor who has been making commentaries on my local NPR station(!), and who turns out to have come from the same HS as me - so - It's a small world after all!

birdandfox at 2017-10-08 19:15 (UTC) (Lien)
Aronofsky is a genius. I think a lot of people forget that movies are an art form. Sure, I love a mindless romantic comedy myself. But, it's work like Aronofskys that reminds me of how visceral an art form movie making can be.

The violence doesn't bother me, although it is quite intense and hard to watch at some points in mother!, but the whole film is an allegory for the creation of humankind and the enivitable destruction of Mother Earth because of, so the movie without violence would not make a lick of sense.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-11-04 10:53 (UTC) (Lien)
I will keep my eye on Aronofsky. I agree with your comment. I think that there needs to be more art-form movies, in addition to the mass appeal movies, which have forgotten that they are an art-form...

Violence usually doesn't bother me emotionally, so much as mentally. It's like too much CGI - not necessary to the movie or to life or to kids... However, if violence is integral to the reality of the movie, fine.

Mother sounds like a great allegory. By the time I got to it though it was gone.

last night, I saw, the Truman Show, which I thought to be a, "metaphysical allegory," in line w/ other Jim Carey movies. It doesn't really fit into "sci-fi" or "dystopian." I am thinking that this term might be a useful new label...
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