November 24th, 2011

* - Elephant of Life

awake - (black friday #1)

When to act, when not to act. When to teach, when to learn. Something we eventually learn while growing up, and which we inherently know in our hearts, is that sometimes it is better just simply not to mess with things. A child in self-amusement. A couple cuddling beneath the stars. A serial rapist polishing his machine gun. Sometimes, it is wiser to just leave things well enough alone. Nice to plant a garden - better yet to let wilderness do what it was born to do. And, so, we may act and cooperate and participate and share in the moment - and we can leave a little space so that others may be independent. And then a little more space. And a little more. So, we are here in the present, hopefully responsible - hopefully faithful to the moment. But time moves on, and the doors and the windows are shut, and we leave those moments behind - we leave those selves behind. We are no longer what we once were. It is memory. Living in another world to you. Goodbye, take care, bless you forever, we leave you, well enough alone. And when a friend dies, we are involved in a universal conspiracy, leaving that person to the past, alone in their moments. And we should be happy, because there they remain, in all their moments, going on and on infinitely and eternal. They are disappeared entirely to us. But there they are, completely free now, living those moments, completely, left well enough alone. So, time once, is time forever. Awake. Blessed be the souls of the departed: Who mingle amongst us now as the dust and magic of nature itself - of life - of consciousness, forever committing to memory. And when I rest, I will finally rest in peace, and around you there shall be a peaceful breeze, and you will know it. You will know me by the song in your heart. Unless you have a migraine. In which case, even that will annoy you. Forget I said anything. OK? Alright?! Jeeze! You're IMPOSSIBLE!