November 8th, 2011

* - Elephant of Life


This post is an extension of several other series, such as: "EXPLODING SUN," and, "REACTIVITY," and, "I AM OPPOSED TO GUNK." I have time to write, since I am recovering from a relapse, needing to rest, and the phone/internet is down.

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TOE-SUCKERS PART ONE: PS - I was not well enough to catch Alex Jones on Coast-to-Coast last night, darn. I have still to write the post about, "the end of the world," relating to the FEMA/Obama test tomorrow. And I have had an amazing revelation about the nature of Pi, but all that madman T.O.E. stuff is way too much to write anytime soon. But, by the way, it occurred to me: People who creep into someone else's LJ and call me "dumbass" or "crazy", thinking to themselves that they are somehow being clever in doing this, by merely judging and putting others down, with nothing of substance or wit or intelligence in what THEY THEMSELVES are saying, are doing nothing more than making fools out of themselves. And it is pathetic. They never change, and they only amp up, full of their own crap. As Jones said, "That's not what these cowards do. They don't ever see and admit that they are wrong - they only push more and more, denying that they are the problem, advancing the corporate police state." (para). And what are they upholding? The original ideas of the now-dead, which have become tokenised and self-caricatured and bastardised and abused and brandished for POWER, such as the ideas of ADAM SMITH. And whatever which does not connect, (in their prejudiced minds), to these false gods is fair game, to them, for crucifixion. Any original thought, upon which may become the core of future CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, and so craven conservative leaches, is attacked as: "Crazy!" That is their only game and substenance. How can they live long like that?

MORE TOE-SUCKERS: Uh - yeah... The Chicago Board of Traitors released fliers over the OCCUPY protestors, which were insulting and idiotic. They also threw papers out their windows, onto the protestors, telling them to, "GET A JOB!" If these aren't official provocateurs, who needs official provocateurs?! They MEAN to incite violence, and call on the militarised policia, yah? Like the cowards that they are. (I've noticed something these bastards all have in common... (Besides being 100% out of touch with any wisdom the older generations may have gather by living through the 1929 Depression or WWII), they are all sociopathic BASTARDS living off of DADDY's MONEY. ALL of them. From KOCHs down to the local Bully-wanna-be's like the VILLAGE IDIOT. They are RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT, because they are spoiled, coddled COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS. Hermann Cain, as an example. "Oh, no! Hermann CAIN couldn't possibly be a COWARD! Because, he's got a BIG MOUTH and is surrounded by MONEY and CHRISTIANS!" Oh, abusing power LIKE A LEACH and not owning up to SEXUAL ASSAULT is not BEING A COWARD?!

Well, at a meeting - WDC or Detroit or somewhere - the Kochs were conferencing with the same old buttfucks and the OCCUPY people were standing outside, protesting. And one of the KOCHs walks over and looks out the window, at all the people protesting. Then, he went back into the meeting and made his speech. In the speech, he included a picture of the protesters. And he said, "Here is the PROOF of our success!"

Insulated up there in all his stolen money, his logic was completely DYSFUNCTIONAL. No engineer or builder or home builder talks like that, "See, the house is falling apart. PROOF of our success." Because normal humans are invested to a good degree, IN THE COMMONS. That is what human logic and communication is for. (DESTRUCTION IS TO BE USED ON THE BEASTIE MONSTERS WHO PREY ON US,and who no longer exist).

DYSFUNCTIONAL CAPITALISM: At some point, up the ladder of unregulated capitalism, there naturally exists a PSYCHOLOGY which is ANTITHETICAL to natural human psychology. It is upside down and inside out. It is the psychology of psychopaths and serial killer cowards. It is a psychology of bitter revenge and hatred and feared, mustered at about the age of 3, and never let go - never matured into something more transcendent, productive or empathic. It is a psychology of theft and cruelty. Wherever we see hope, they see a chance for exploitation. Wherever we see pain, they derive pleasure. Wherever we keep a promise, they stab in the back. Wherever we love, they rape. That becomes the edifice of empire in decline. That becomes the method of FASCISM and WAR. And smirk they now on our Gandhi games. God help us all.

GOD AS BANKSTER: Have you heard? The Pope is jealous of Goldman-Sachs, "doing God's work," and so he wants to create his own national bank for the world. And we won't need debit cards anymore, we'll just pay our fees and indulgences through retina scans and ID chips and talking street lights...