October 31st, 2011

spliff mon



It ain't rocket science...

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People like that make prophesy easy as pie.

And look at the police, taking orders from corrupt CORPORATEER POLITICIANS WHO REFUSE TO BE "WRONG", attacking the PEACEFUL OCCUPY protesters, often goaded on by planted provocateurs from our mega-corp-bribed government.

Hungry ghosts, mistaking fear and desire, making wants into "needs", they forever want what they can't have - to possess what can't be possessed. They covet the thing, or produce the product, seeking to consume the spirit, but instead, they throw the spirit off. There is no humane end to it.

The spirit of a things is how that thing sits within the infinite complexity of the universe - of IT'S universe. When you IMPOSE YOURSELF, seeking to control or use, or to own it's atmosphere, then the spirit is thrown off as POLLUTION. The spirit is thrown off as DISSONANT ECONOMY. The spirit is thrown off as WAR. And the spirit is rendered into soap, candles and lampshades. More of the common fodder of capitalism, or of any tyranny, for that matter. But the spirit remains uncontrolled. There is always hell to pay. Entropy...

The hungry ghosts came, with no family history of their own; and in their arrogance, they sewed dissonance and decay, meaning, I suppose, to fashion the world in their own likeness. For shame. This selfish self-game. Locking.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

(10/31): I need to buy more candy now. Maybe I'll buy some Hearsay Curses...