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le 15 octobre 2011


"Unum Cum Virtute Multorum," whispers the wind.

Posted on 2011.10.15 at 12:02
"I had attempted a life that would be bright and explorative, touching all realms of understanding. I was risky, adventurous in daring to see what others closed eyes to. I was so curious that I foolishly dug into dark depths of mind and and met with dark, dumbing thoughts. I am wounded... sorry if I have lost some truth and show edges and grooves from my own missed chiseling. Hey, thee days I smartly seek the brightness that deserves my attention now. My life has been an experiment and so has gone down many paths, wastefully perhaps compared to you who were following known ways to pursue profit and advance. But, I have grips on the authentic and I am connected to the nature of our place under the sun. What this is worth is to know that you are alive.

"I come here to this journaling area, then, to report further experiments... the experiment of how I must go now in these present circumstances and now when choices are necessary but difficult, as always, because we love too many ways."

rain window

too small to succeed

Posted on 2011.10.15 at 17:31
daddy, what happens to us when we die?

we become corporations, my friend

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