June 16th, 2011


In the springtime of my Hitler.

Well, storms are predicted for the next 40 days or such. Meaning my phone and internet will be almost completely inaccessible. If you haven't heard the one about the drowning nuclear plant out near Omaha, either goggle it now or leave the country.

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Where they allowed for an invisible hand, there arose an invisible government.

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hal sparks says thanks


I want to thank Anthony Weiner for all that he's done for Progressives like me. Now, wherever I go, the girls look down and wonder at the splendor of my package. Now, I can have anyone at PetSmart I want. Finally, someone has exposed the "little secret" of liberal males. We got it goin on, yo.

Seriously. I was thinking maybe this whole thing was some strategic play urged by Bill Clinton or something...