February 27th, 2011

* - Elephant of Life

Time Out of Mind: PART TWO

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"In wildness is our preservation." - Thoreau

This little light of mine - I'm gonna let it shine!

PS - There is no reason the whole Wisc. State Capitol building needs to be closed merely for cleaning.  What we need is an INJUNCTION.  (On a Sunday?)  Anyone involved, please help get the idea rolling: email Jeremy via info@defendwisconsin.org and or the State Assembly persons!)
* - Elephant of Life


Second good Yahoo News story:

Largest crowds since Vietnam War march in Wisconsin

Contrary to the constant 50/50-type reporting from the rest of the CORPORATE MEDIA, (like CNN radio news on WCPT!!):

"No 'Tea Party' supporters of the proposal championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker were spotted on Saturday. They staged a smaller rally of their own in Madison a week ago."

BBC also did a great story on the demonstrations recently.