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HOUSE - oh god

Love Thyself, But Not To the Point of Orgasm

Posted on 2017.09.27 at 20:59
So, I have been posting a lot about sex robots lately, just because this is what is happening, and curiously weird. Miley Cyrus is also curiously weird, but I heard her on an interview, and I can astonishlingly see her being a gf of mine, which is like WILLY WONK. ness.

Oh - so, this: I also posted a joke online, and suddenly it became a reality everywhere in the world. Once again, I am not saying that I am CAUSING these things to happen! I am saying that I am, like a lot of other unfortunate people, a FREAKING ANTENNA, for whatever is happening everywhere and anywhere, zutes alors.

Here is the joke that I made: I think I'll marry myself just for the presents. (Note - this was partly inspired by a post from meowmensteen). Here is the emergent reality:

Italy woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'

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