November 21st, 2010

pink floyd - dark side

Chant in the name of the lordS, and you'll be free...

Wow - I've been listening to NPR's WORLD CAFE, and it's been great. Meanwhile, I turned on the TV and there was my wife, Avril Levigne, handing out the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. So, I figured I'd write about music...

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Now - many of you want to know what snacks I feed my dog, since you all wish to imitate my illustrious glory and almighty magnanitude. First of all, boil eggs. Let them cool. Then freeze them. Great snacks. Also, go buy "Bacon-et" pork skins, by Frito-lay. They make very good appetizers. Finally, insert one of those little rawhide sticks into a hotdog. Wrap hotdog in melted cheese. Positively gourmet. Also, when dog gets tired of bones or rawhides, collect them and boil them with chicken/pork/fat - flavour with salt/etc. - freeze. Tasty recycled treats for you meat-easting beast!

And the award goes to I'M JUST A BEAVER!!!