May 2nd, 2010


ANIMAL EMPATHY - (freelance whales)

I've been doing a bunch of computer stuff, with my left hemisphere basically out of commission, while at the same time trying to follow the NPR WNYC "Radio Lab" programme ...  which is awesome, but my brain just couldn't process all of it.  Anyway, it great to be online again, and not by my bootstraps either - I'm really ON LINE now...  Even though my comp is infected - I've got it in check.

So anyway - the episode of RADIOLAB discusses the magic of human-whale communication - whales and elephants and such.  I love it when something REAL comes on the radio!  Reminds me of the REALITY of my wonderful relationship with Kurska - and the dog before her. (this episode's podcast is not yet posted)

They discussed Spindle neurons, which are amazing, and which I'll post about more some day.  The main thing is, as far as I'm concerned, they are arcs of evolution - when triggered by EMPATHY, they encourage evolution of the brain - both the thinking and the emotional - in concert.  And they are - to me - a kind of Maxwell's DEAMON NEURONS - (not far from the otherwise calcifying PINEAL GLAND) - shuffling and dancing and trading between THOUGHT and FEELING - that is, between INFORMATION and ENERGY.

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We were meant to evolve further TOWARDS EMPATHY.  FROM empathy.  THROUGH empathy.  This is what the whale was underscoring, hoping nobody noticed that he had just farted.