You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.


Ok, I want to plug this link into your brain for three reasons...

1 - We never cease discovering new things, and moving forward, yes?

2 - Emotionally, this reminded me of the actual weeping camel, who stands in for a lot of other junk in everyone's life, especially mine. Catharsis.

3 - Here is the main one. Right here. They awoke this man into consciousness using electricity. Does it not occur to anyone that there is no difference between electricity and consciousness, except that we relegate different words to different schemes that we claim to understand? Our buzzing brains are nothing but electric. So, then, why, why cannot we make the leap into understanding that the whole electrical universe is conscious. No, not meaning that it plans out its day each morning. Meaning that it is, it feels, it lives and communicates. Sometimes, it can carry the voices of galaxies. I laugh. I LAUGH.

Breakthrough as man who spent 15 YEARS in a vegetative state sheds tears, smiles and shows signs of being conscious after being given an electronic implant

Give me time. I will explain what eluded Tesla's magical brain. Electricity is connection. Consciousness is connection. Our only bridge across the finality of time. Please. A little more time...

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