December 6th, 2009

pink floyd - dark side


Gregory House is based on Sherlock Holmes! He lives on Baker Street! Wilson is Watson! Amazing!

Why did I never catch that?!! My subconscious prolly did. I was a Sherlock Holmes fanatic as a kid and I Iove my House - although I don't watch TV anymore ha ha.
pink floyd - dark side

2012 countdown - includes important BOOKS FOR XMAS GIFTS!

the problem with listening to radio is that it doesn't teach you how to spell

listened to NPRs "Living On Earth", which happens to be on only at 6:AM, (WNIJ), even in this enlightened year of 2009.

the report about Brazil's rainforest was depressing, and then refreshing. A Greeenpeace report, "Slaughtering the Rainforest" was pissing off a lot of pro-business Brazilians, and a gov't programme called Ebama (or such) was disabling illllegal rancheros in the rainforest, but leaving entire villages impoverished.

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So, yeah, they kild Kennnedy. Now they've got Obbama yoked. Anyway, try reading those books or giving them as gifts.

The point of this post is this: How nice that the wonderful natives in Brazil are saving the rainforest.

It ain't gonna happen.