January 2nd, 2009

oor wullie

conclusion: i am master of the universe

hey yoos - hope new year is great for yoos

i don't know what's up w/ my jnl - i think it is infected with a hacker or something - it doesn't post lj-cuts right (if at all) - plus there are strange nympho's adding me

sorry i have to go soon - i'll be back here at the library in a day or two methinks - i don't have any intense comments at the moment - and i forgot to bring my floopies - so here's an old post saved on my email notepad:

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i forgot to mention that it twas I whom waseth the first person who, many years ago, coined the word "coinkidink" (ko-ink-E-dink, meaning "coincidence")...  when, ONE DAY, i actually heard stephanie miller use it, i was filled with pride and joy and detergent and air fresheners  -  a friend of mine used to say "ridickledack" a lot, but i pronounced it "ridickleDOCK", which is prolly why it never really caught on.

also - i once called up an NPR special talk show about the upcoming election, and after that i heard unusual phrases or ideas i made then REPEATED eleswhere on radio or TV ---  not a lot, and nothing special....  but i just find it fascinating how social discourse is generated and propagated...  for example, i said "al gore doesn't GIVE A LICK about politics"...  how often do you hear "GIVE A LICK"?  soon after the show, i heard it several times elsewhere.  so cool.