July 21st, 2007

squirrel superman

we gotta live on science alone - (huh huh - baby....)

i dreamt i could go back in time - and i saw this chick who was actually lucille ball before she was famous - except her name was something dif - i forget.  some old guy named tony spex or something said he knew her so he wanted me to go after her for him.  i had to climb up the storeys of this law office where she worked to find her.  i don't think i did, but had some fairly interesting adventures.  i think this dream was triggered by a dream by petatron - plus i was watching a seinfeld episode about old people, and i noticed at the end, he was giving his stand-up, making fun of old people (esp. their driving!} and at the end it froze him in a still-shot and he looked really really angry.  that kind of made the episode stick in my head.  plus i noticed david letterman having the hots for julia stiles - and also craig ferguson diggin on both rosie perez and parker posie...  i love these chikas - but maybe they somehow all combined into lucille ball, whom i could live without.  she's living without me at the moment ha ha ... so...

my arm is finally able to straighten out - it just doesn't do the final backwards-bend which we often see on hot hollywood waifs.  i think maybe it's because my left arm is jewish.  i always knew i was part jewish.  but when i go see the doctor, i'm going to give him one serious stand-up routine, and chide him for never mentioning the wonders of jello in the healing process.  it bothered me that everyone was talking about how some people's arms never straighten back out, and they never once said WHY my arm was crooked - fucking amateurs - if they had TOLD me, then i could have done things to straighten it out.  but i had to learn all this on my own, and now am very intelligent regarding crooked arms.  for one thing, it has a lot to do with the spine, not so much the elbow.

at the time i fell, i was just in the final phase of straightening out my residual scoliosis, and the fall affected my spine right behind my shoulder blades - and i thought this was great and would help.   but i didn't realise there would apparently be some swelling and maladjustment back there first.  so - my arm forced it to settle back into it's old curvy ways.  for the last three days, i have been unknotting that problem - and it's been very uncomfortable - including causing more cfs relapse.  but it finally CLICKED this morning, and then my ARM straightened out much more.  it feels more - well - more secular.

and a big fuck-you to ambien cr - no way i'm taking that anymore.  it makes things worse.  it made me retarded all day yesterday - so i didn't take it last night - was up until about 5:am - and then woke up at 9:am FEELING GREAT.

and har har to my neighbours.  remember i told you about their dog who never barked at me?  i guess they got pissed and got a new one.  this one does the same thing - barks at my dog, but smiles at me.  and it's another one of those pug-nosed, short-tailed fighter dogs.  to the mentality of these people, i must seem like i have amazing powers.  they must fear me at night, esp. hearing those big yawns coming from my living room.