May 18th, 2007

lips - cherry

i'm strong to the finish!

wow! - that's the best cooked spinach i've ever tasted!

but you might be wary of my recipe... 

since i planned to use the boiled water for a tea (and for soup), I thought I'd already add the tea lemon juice - to the spinach - i thought it would be a good idea - it was

then i thought - "hmmmm....  i could add even MORE vitamin A, why not throw in some cherry-flavoured cod liver oil?" - it could also help preserve the spinach!...

as soon as i added it i feared for my life - the smell was immediate - but i figured if it spoiled the spinach, i could just pretend i was eating seaweed

but it actually turned out tasting INCREDIBLE! - not fishy at all - and the lemon plus the cherry gave it a rich and somewhat sour taste - in a good way!  i ended up with about half a dozen cans worth of spinach - but i can't stop eating it.  (ps - don't forget the salt!)

now i'm making the tea, to which i will add real tea, juice and etc., then boil that into a syrup - so whenever i want to drink the tea i just pour a little into a cup and add water.

ok - i'll be starting a new LJ community - it will be for people with strong interests in anthropology, evolution, biology, psychology, economics, or similar things.  But more important, people who want to share their ideas with others who have different-yet-related interests, and see what new concepts or theories they can discover or create together.  It's all about synergy, man.  There will also be an updatable time-line - where you can add your dates for events in pre/history, your thoughts on them, etc., and they will be inserted - then anyone can reference this in "Memories".  I know at least 5 LJ friends I definitely MUST invite - but anyone can join.  Watch for it.  Also watch for upcoming poll.

OK - I'm going to do another 5-hour online computer scan now, while I make tea and soup.  Bye for now.