April 25th, 2007

* - Elephant of Life

definition of ...

"bull-headed" - someone who is bull-headed is determined to do exactly what they want to do, and does not think about what other people want .   stubborn; inflexible.  "He's completely bull-headed. I asked him not to throw out that old table, but he did it anyway."  "Don't be so bull-headed. Why can't you admit that others' opinions are just as good as yours?"

pig-headed" - stubborn as a mule.  A stubborn person may be described as being either strong-willed or pig-headed. Although these have the same literal meaning (i.e. stubborn), strong-willed connotes admiration for someone's convictions, while pig-headed connotes frustration in dealing with someone.  Example: a pigheaded idiot.

"hard-headed" - A critical way of saying that someone is stubborn.  Obdurate: obstinate; unbending; inflexible

"light-headed" - lacking seriousness; given to frivolity; "a dizzy blonde"; "light-headed teenagers"; "silly giggles" [syn: airheaded, dizzy, empty-headed, featherbrained, giddy, lightheaded, silly]  Disordered in the head; dizzy; delirious.  Thoughtless; heedless; volatile; unsteady; fickle; loose.

"fish-headed" - bearing a close facial resemblance to Lawrence Morrissey, Mayor of Rockford, often used in curry.

"dog-headed" - having a head resembling that of a dog, as in some baboons or talk show hosts.

"dead-headed" - a slow-witted or dull person.  A block of wood; a partially submerged log or trunk; a garden bulb. To find someone's detatched drunken head sitting on your shoulder after a long night partying.  To meet Jerry Garcia.

"fuck-headed" - a fucktard.

"butt-headed" - to have the head of a butt or the butt of a head, often metaphorically, as in having dim-witted or fart-like ideas.  To engage in a ram-like contest of dim wits or politics; to be engaged in a deadlock; to have a propensity to put one's head in one's butt; to always be thinking of posteriors; to have a large crack down the middle one one's face; to spew shit; to engage in a bullshit-like dialogue for more than ten minutes; to be pegged as a slovenly cartoon character; to be headed towards someone's butt; to be armless and legless but nevertheless headed; to have a head appearing from one's butt; to wear a hat on one's ass; to trip and fall in a drunk-like fashion.

"logger-headed" - headed for loggers.  Being enclosed in a cabin with sexually aroused loggers.  The opposite of a headed-logger, a phallic device.  To resemble a Teamster.

"waffle-headed" - having a head imprinted by a waffle iron.

"level-headed" - to think like a Brendan.  To use one's head as an aircraft carrier or sushi bar.  To make plans to stalk Patti Lavelle.  To substitute one's head for industrial machinery.  To avoid marriage.

"multi-headed" - to be a monster or a guard of the gates of hell.  To gracefully or deceptively have two or more faces.  To have several penises.  To multi-task.  To have read "A Canticle for Liebowitz".  To listen to a menstruating woman.  To be as boring as two baseball games.

"bush-headed" - to have the head of a bush.  To have the head of George Bush.  To be headed into a burning bush.  To have a sex-change operation in Iraq.  Noun: An army led by George Bush.  A totalitarian state.  A flub.  A hoax.  A bad dream.

"air-headed" - well - DUH!

PRESIDENT BUSH REACHES OUT TO NATION'S FALLEN BEES - http://feeds.theonion.com/~r/theonion/weekly/~3/111762759/61005

* - Elephant of Life

dreams make the world go oooo!

I dreamt some clever thing that i can't figure out now.  Someone got caught for something but said that everyone has a double, and his double actually did it.  Then John Cleese did this skit where he was a judge and also trying his double for some crime, back and forth, and Gena Davis had to keep changing his wig for each role.  It sounds daft now but it was cool.

Then I dreamt I went over to Bono's house with my lawnmower.  He made fun of me.  I told him my lawnmower was a guitar and I wanted to jam with him.  He said I was some kind of crazy person.  I felt so disappointed.  There were other musicians in the dream.  Bono kind of looked like Sanjaya.  I guess this means I will never be a rock star.
cheers - applause

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