April 12th, 2007

* - Elephant of Life

stop germs before they cause bad breath - (product recall)

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first of all - i want to mention that eating oysters while drinking seems to fight future hangovers, although this might be another brendan myth

but doing fish oil capsules - or anything to break up fat in food you eat while drinking - is a good thing - because alcohol tends to facilitate bad food into the bloodstream

i have decided i really don't like wine cuz it makes me sleepy and is too sweet - i will only drink about a dixie cup or two of it a day for the health benefits or to help me fall asleep at night.

i had a dream last night that america was becoming a stronger nation and there were all these george washingtons marching around in ever-increasing numbers.

then there was a battle where people were trying to climb to the the top of a dresser-drawers.  it was something aweful.  but thankfully the elizabeth taylor type character made it.  and someone who had made some special antidote for an eye problem in the battle...

was later in my basement and we both became delusional and saw this big weird talking spider

i went to the supermarket yesterday, and the "polynesian girl" was being a lot cooler with the staring problem, but she kept getting in front of me etc. at the pizzaria.

i looked her up on myspace and she's only 16 - actually 17 cuz she just had a birthday - i'm so glad i know how to avoid trouble

i don't know why everybody is always staring there - it's just like at the fricken cafes - and they always turn it back on you to make you look like a stalker or something

i just stalk my oysters

PS - goodbye to my dear Kurt Vonnegut - he's gone on to join the fictitious sirens of titan