February 2nd, 2006

* - Elephant of Life


Thanks for not dropping me! I'm still here. But my posts haven't been showing up on your friends page!!! ha ha ha! For maybe over a week - I dunno. But I think some posts are corrected, so if you scoll back you can see them. And I might just repost the older ones (which aren't currently visible), later.

You can also simply go straight into my journal and read all the fun stuff there!

take care - B
* - Elephant of Life

"YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR 2006" - (reposted)

I am reposting entries that never showed up on your friends page in the last week... So now you can enjoy!


- Billy Idol - vampyre13
- BROKEBACK MOUTAIN Soundtrack - gaspworthy
- Bright Eyes - I'M WIDE AWAKE IT'S MORNING - xcampfiregirlx
- Broken Social Scene - YOU FORGOT IT IN PEOPLE - just_human36
- CROSSFADE (self titled) - y0un3v3rkn3wm3
- THE DEVIL BEHIND ME - vampirecopygirl (not sure if this is an album or a book)
- Josh Groban - lostnotfound007
- Beth Hart - SCREAMING FOR MY SUPPER - despairfaery
- Interpol - TURN ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS - erinsrevenge and jesmy
- The Honorary Title - xcampfiregirlx
- Lacuna Coil - pussy_of_steel
- Madonna - THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION - pussy_of_steel
- McLusky - major_mustard
- The Sound Of Urchin - despairfaery
- The Spill Canvas - just_human36
- System of a Down - y0un3v3rkn3wm3
- The Throwing Muses - THE REAL RAMONA - madman101
- The White Stripes - vampirecopygirl

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