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full metal pipe dream

Posted on 2017.09.21 at 22:31
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Once again, irony shows itself as inherent in nature, especially when the mind goes into reptilian mode, or war...

Oklahoma City police who shot man 'did not hear' witnesses yelling he was deaf

This sad irony, (which reminds us of many more, yes?), also shows that not all police abuse is against blacks, real racism not withstanding. As I have been documenting for years, police abuse has been rising against the poor, the elderly, the handicapped, the transgendered, Native Americans, whites - dogs! - as well as against blacks. But, as our blood boils, we tend to separate everything into black versus white, as we careen down our own tunnel vision, missing the qualifying voices.

This guy, shot, was Hispanic. (Would that qualify as Native American? There are many Cherokee in Oklahoma, often sporting the same cultural norms as white society). The guy who shot Trayvon Martin was also Hispanic, yet he was considered to be white. It is all a big mess, with lots of causes and crimes to consider. But, maybe I'll discuss all that again in some other post. See my tag. I also have some tags regarding police abuse of particular minorities.

It's a major crisis that we all need to come together about. Yep.

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