December 10th, 2004

spliff mon

sorry but

I'm sitting at the ERC. Some girl who looked like Kris, (but now she had auburn hair), suddenly was at the computer across from me, looking up, mumbling something pleasantly, and soon... she was gone. I don't know. She seemed more Hispanic, and her ass was bigger, (which is fine because it wasn't big to begin with. I don't know if it was her. But surely enough, she knows what days I'm here by now. I'd give it all up just for her. It's not an obsession - I just know she's my type of girl. And I regret it never happening. And all that followed. I'm such an imbecile.
spliff mon

I leave you with this final oddity

I went up to the ERC circulation desk, very low-key, and said to Jay, "I try to stay away from this place, but I find myself oddly attracted to you."

That was interesting!

I thought it was about time I dispelled all these rumors that I'm not gay. I'm not gay. I just thought it was time to weird them out again.

Santa Claus loves me.

I'm wearing an insulated jeans jacket, with white fleece on the collar. I hate white fleece - it's so cheap. And I know the jacket is out of style. But I am an ever-changing agent of disorder and mahem.
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spliff mon

another not-for-you post

Super duper porn star... any road may lead to happiness, esp. the Tao of Porn. Except the roads paved with good intentions. Gotta watch out for them silly ways.

But you are so much more... at least in my demented head.