October 6th, 2004

spliff mon


I logged on with Juno - 10 free hours a month. More later. Sorry if any IMers didn't get through to my AIM. I wasn't watching it. Once I get on a full-time provider, I'll chat again.

Fun flirting w/ two Hispanics at the bank today. Actually, they were coming on to me. My persoanl banker got jealous. But she's got a boyfriend. Fucking Gringos!

Oh, and my neighbor's been bitching to everyone that I am a racist, since I told him to get his car OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY FOR THE 100th TIME! "Oh, man, That ain't the way it is in MEMPHIS man..."

Hey - CNN quick poll: Edwards 80%, Cheney 20%. Huh? REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

Finally - no, sweet readers, I wasn't complaining about bad drivers honking at me two times on State & Alpine. God knows there surely ARE WAY MANY bad drivers. But I was referring to people who obviously knew me and were trying to get my attention. I'm telling you, I have a weird celebrity status, that I hate and I love. I'm Irish. FUCKING MICKS!!!!!!!

hasta lasagnia!
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spliff mon

back at the freakin biblioteque

Today, I'm about writing to the State's Atty. Gen. RE: my nonprofit, to see if they've cleared everything up. Right.

I figured out what's probably the prob w/ my loans at the Dept. of Ed. They're playing by THEIR rules, and not seeing that I am a unique case. So, they're logic is legal but completely inane and inhumane. So, I wonder if I'll end up asking Prarie State to sue them or seomthing. I don't think you can sue over bullshit laws.

SO, the $2000 loan I applied for can't go through unless this Dept. of Ed. crap is cleared up. I just wanted it for extra $$$, so I can retire w/o worry for a year and write. Ha! So, maybe I'll also seek a car title loan from my flirty friends at the bank. I have no fear of the future. Everyone else seems to, though. For me, the future can't be any worse than Rockford.

Sitting at the river, I pondered the ducks. I thought of the different ways the males and females get together. I guess there's flirting, and then maybe courting, and then maybe mating.

Then I started thinking about what it's called what I generally do. It isn't really flirting, although I'm good at that. It's more sincere, real and uh kind? Normal? I like the concept of having multiple "relationships" - a whole nuther level - apart from actual flirting or actual romantic or actual sexual relationships.

So what are the different levels of relationships, and of "flirting".

eye contact?
eye flirting?
endearing touch?
date management?
kissing? - the many types of....
sex? - the many types of....
love? - the many types of....
throwing dishes?

How are all these, and more, organised? I don't have time to figure it out. Or maybe I already have.
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spliff mon

indeed, aol IS the antichrist

Yeah. My car's ready. New radiator. Only $500!!!!!!!!

I've got my AIM back - byt was screaming at aol today. I WAN'T TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT NOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ubelievable!

Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe I don't have my AIM. Oh well.

Anybody know :

If I sisn onto AIM, or look at my aol email, will that mean I'm back on aol??????? Cause if it does, then my acct. will be reactivated. And NOOOOOOOOO, I don't WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not one single explative!

My horoscope said some major - loegalish - issue would be resolved soon.



student loans?


these are but chimeras.
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spliff mon


"Remove cellophane from brownie and fishsticks. Microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. Stir macaroni and rearrange fish sticks. Microwave on HIGH another 1-2 minutes." This food is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the lady from Kurt's Auto picks me up, and we start talking. "Your name is Brian?" "Brendan - but Brian is OK, just as Irish..." Bla bla bla. "And so what kind of poems have you written???" Bla bla bla. "And do you cook?" DO YOU COOK? Where the hell did she pull that out of? "Yes. I'm one of those creative people." "Ah," she thinks back to all the strange things on Brendan's car... So he IS gay!........".......



Anyway - sorry for the retarded seguay?????SP????????????

FELIX - You never had AIM before... I noticed you on my Buddy list. So I guess that means you want to talk? That would be SO comforting to me. To think you are being responsible to yourself, and dare to have an independent mind. Well - I don't think I have AIM anymore, But if you want to talk, just let me know here, and I will do an entery where we can talk privately, totally screened. I hope you do. I really was so concerned about you. Take care.
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