September 17th, 2004

spliff mon


I think I'll stop smoking now - after this pack.

Well, I filed a complaint with the Mgr. of SB East State, and sent the FREAKY SEX GOD note. I didn't get into their rude/bizarre behaviour. If necessary, I'll take that to the corp. office later.

You defenders of gay rights: This all started because a year ago the B&N employees gossipped that that lone cute guy ia PROBABLY GAY! Well, that said to me, "Better go ahead and STARE BACK at the waitresses!" Which I did until I got sick of this nowhere game, and gave Kris ONE LONG LOOK, like, "OK - WHAT DO YOU WANTttttttttt?!!!!!!" Since she was being coached by the jealous Stacey now, Kris attributed this to the CLEAR REALITY THAT - OK, HE'S NOT GAY - HE'S A PSYCHO-STALKER! So, this stigma followed me to SB, where Kris - whom I didn't even recognise because of her altered appearance, was now working! It never EVER let up, no matter what I did to placate Andrea, etc.! By not hearing my side of the story, they held onto their own, in-crowd version of the truth. I tried to talk to Erin about the problem, and REALITY, and she just thought I was trying to hit on her!!!!!!!!

What a scoundrel I am, heh? Their self-lies, their nervousness, their failure to communicate - that must - MUST - be my fault also, because if it isn't then - hey, these mean-so-well Christians JUST MIGHT BE WRONG!!!!!

What a beautiful day, at least for Brendans.
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