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I am the person who will destroy China.

We all love pedophiles.

Yes, where would the history of religion be without all the pedophiles? there was a pedophile priest in my family's past, and all the successful siblings went on to cherish him. ("But, wait!") Something about pedophilia and success in the System. IDK what it is. It's kinda like psychopaths being necessary to our cherished global fascism. One wouldn't think.

Conversely, there is this whole anti-pedophile thing going on, which usually has nothing to do with reality, which ends up crucifying a whole lot of innocent men. Like witches. So, maybe the thing is this: The reptilian elite all get to be pedophiles, and then they deflect accusations by teaching their followers to blame and hunt down innocent people, to be blamed for their own sins.

The great, dull, unwashed throngs in these parts seem to take pedophilia to heart. I guess they are just submitting to the roles delegated to them. And, so, they make a big to-do about pedophilia - BUT ALSO, they sport a lot of their own, rising up in some perverted rebellion, to proudly become pedophiles themselves, ironically. Paradoxically. Cuz that's what it always is. In these parts, nary a radio news report goes by that does not chatter about another pedophile incident, along with the latest DUI/DWI count.

I think it is also, "Bob Seger Syndrome." Aging baby boomer whines about the past, and tries to revive it by glorifying and deflocking preteens. Baby boomers are also why we have people in both political parties believing that they are each god-givingly RIGHT about everything, (e.g., Donald Clinton and Hillary Trump), so they leave nothing for us but an endless landscape of acrimony and moral irrelevance - the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and pedophiles, if you ask me.

Something has been irking me about renowned baby boomer, Rod Stewart. Don't get me wrong: I guess I appreciate him for his Scotlish background and related mx - and also because, "The Faces," inspired unexpected musicians, like the Sex Pistols. I think his old stuff was pretty cutting-edge folky rocky stuff even if it was sometimes misogynistic(!) But then he started doing all these flashy girly songs and became a Prince-like sex symbol in the 1980's.

Well, I first noticed that one of his songs looked rather pedophiliac to me... I think the song is, "Tonight's the Night"... Let me see... yeah, this:

Don't say a word my virgin child
Just let your inhibitions run wild
The secret is about to unfold
Upstairs before the night's too old

OK, so this was just a hypothesis of mine. But, today, I noticed another one of his songs doing the same thing. I got it from the lyrics, and then only AFTER that, I learnt that the title of the song was, "Baby Jane."

So, now my guess is that a study of Rod Stewart's music is going to bring up more stuff like this. It irks but does not surprise me that the very same soccer moms who campaign against pedophilia have gotten more than one thrill at night imagining their husbands to be Rod Stewart, lol, or not.

And, then we have the anthem that everybody loves and maybe even would fight for: "Forever Young." yes, but. Wait a minute. This song is fitting the pedophilia profile, as well. Or, am I just being an over-tedious liberal? I don't know - I think this guy had problems. Why?

Look at so many other old rock and rollers, singing songs about, "Sweet Little 16," probably for no other reason than to get little girls flocking to their backstage bedrooms. Everyone from Chuck Berry to Ringo Star, and far beyond. It is an ignoble tradition in rock and roll to cater to early teens and preteens. The early rock and rollers rose up in a time when a lot of fatherless WW2 children were growing boobs - in which case, "pedophilia," could be put into a context of sociological imperative. This is for another post.

In fact, it makes some evolutionary sense for older males to seek out the youngest females - SO LONG AS SOCIETY CAN AFFORD THIS. There are many different kinds of societies and many different kinds of conditions. So, this whole pedophilia question is something that changes over the centuries. Back before we cherished children as some kind of special, third class of human beings, they were being married off to kingly ogres or Hunnish marauders without their consent, and we managed to survive all that.

Things are changing again, backwards, today, because our society and economy are in a long-term decline. The wonderment of childhood may one day become a thing of the past. And, we could reinterpret this to say that the pedophiles have won. But, they are people too, looking for innocence or connection - to dead promises - in all the wrong ways - not empowered to do much more, right?

We should love the child and the child within, and we should also love our enemy, the pedophile; at least enough not to hang him outright. But, Rod Stewart. Chuck Berry. Jerry Lee Lewis. Ringo Star. We didn't need it. & check this:

Iceland government collapses over paedophile furore

‘Are you a pedophile?’ Duterte blasts Human Rights Chief ‘fixated’ on teenage victims of drug war

No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Elite Openly Paying For The Blood Of The Young

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