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The Cushions are Running. The Cushions are Running. Eeek.

There are no accidents in politics. No coincidences. All politics is just one concatenatious tragedy, rationalising death and taxes. It was no accident that Trump went on the stump a week or two ago, three years early. Trump obviously found out that Hillary Clinton would be innitiating her 2020 run by announcing the release of her book, "What Happened." And, during her recent interviews, she didn't dis Bernie Sanders, and get the support of Nancy Pelosi, without anticipating that Bernie Sanders would almost simultaneously be releasing his proposal for Medicare-For-All. (More on these issues later, maybe...)

"I will not be running for president!" - (Where have I heard that before?)

Some months ago, I came to the conclusion that Marco Rubio would be running for president. It was a few things he had done, which I cannot remember now, in my failed state. But, he has basically sided with the McCain/Bush/RNC side of issues, (a side which is generally indistinguishable from the Clinton/DNC side of issues like anti-Trump, anti-fair-trade, anti-single-payer, pro-corporatist, etc.), in conflict with Trump. Well, today came another confirmation of my conclusion: The USA is now stupidly carrying on the anti-Russian hysteria, (started by the corporatists as a political device during the beginning of Obama's second term), by banning the use of Kaspersky security software in all its computers. This move was innitiated by Marco Rubio during Senate hearings on the Dreaded Russian Invasion.

Remember when we once judged people by the colour of their skin? Remember when we said that corporations are people? Somehow, it is nevertheless to blame corporations on what city they are based in - MOSCOW, eeeek! The security gate-keepers are now the sneakers! And the leakers are the creepers! Rather than find better things to do, like fix the infrastructure, rewire the economy, address wealth inequality, deal with global warming, and so on - Let's blame the messengers. They are they enemy because WE are the enemy. And, blaming Kaspersky did not happen by accident. It follows the sanctions that Trump was forced to impose on Russie - forced by Rubio's side of the GOP, and by the Obama/Clinton/Bush=loving corporate elites - i.e., the so-called, "deep state." This is just one more brick in the wall, between left and right, etc., which keeps us all divided and fighting. Continuous DEPRESSION NEEDS AN ENEMY! That is what profits the rich. Fine-tuned tinkering with the System, evoking just enough destruction and fear to keep it all together, so to speak.

An endless feed of happy accidents for the upper crust mean we get our fill of outrageous shit sandwiches.

Blame the Russians!

Washington Post: U.S. to ban use of Kaspersky software in federal agencies amid concerns of Russian espionage

That's the same newspaper that broke so many UNSOURCED "leaks" about the Russians-are-coming insanity. That's basically the main (fake news) source of the hearings, which have two purposes: to foil Trump; and to create an easy enemy, as an alternative to Saudi Arabia + Israel. If we are going to ban Kaspersky, why don't we ban every OTHER software that the USA infiltrates in its spying of everyone on the planet? Removing Kasperky wouldn't solve anything even if Russia WERE infiltrating government computers. Russians are smarter than that. They play chess. And live on turnips, and vodka. All they really want to do is get drunk, and put out great internet security products, oh, LIKE THESE!>>>

Kaspersky Labs: Which product is right for you?!

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What do you suppose this whole kerfuffle has to do with the rogue USA government finding it impossible to infiltrate its own computers, so long as they are being protected by Kaspersky software?! Seriously. That's always how it goes down. Nothing comes out of WDC which isn't fake news.

There are no accidents, except the big, big one.
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