I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

End of World Pleasantries - 1

Do you still have your eclipse glasses? Go out and look at the sun again! There is a big visible cluster of sun spots lurking there. A tiny blotch suggesting that our great god has sinned - or is bleeding from our errant ways. I think that's the scientific term. Associated with these spots was a large solar CME, which explains why I have been so sick lately - or, it added to it, (I have found through bodilly experimentation). This CME should be hitting our planet in a day or two, warping the ionosphere and radio waves. It's a pity this CME couldn't have happened during the eclipse and damned us all.

Speaking of which: I gazed nakedly upon the sun yesterday, around 6pm, long before it was even setting. With mine naked eyes, I tell you. It was sitting up there, all alone in the sky, big and round - and a bright orange-red, in a misted sky, kinda like that red rubber ball at the top of your LJ page, telling you how many messages you have received, during this, the end of the world. I did see a little blotch on the sun, near the bottom. Hopefully, I can check again today, wearing glasses.

I have never seen the sun look so weird in all my life, except when it was down on the horizon with red-sunset clouds all around it. But, yesterday, it was up there in the sky, with nary a cloud about. I really did consider that something major might have been going on with the sun, per se, and maybe it was itchin' to explode, good god. But, then I decided that the skies were full of smoke from the fires in California, and so on. The particulates were bending the light, not so much into a sailor's delight, but into an omen of some impending, big bright orange-red planetary nuclear war, of course.

Sillier things have happened.
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