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Here is a great website for dog people, which I wish I had found a long time ago. But, I do feed my dog great food, amyway. For my dry mix, I use 1/2 cheap food, not grain-free, but good, and mostly rice and meat. So, there was a sale going on for a 50-pound bag of Country Squire Premium dry dog food for like $17. I checked it on this site and absolutely decided against buying it. This site really does its job.


And, here are two lists which I will print out when I get to the library, so I can carry them with me when I descend into the bowels of the big box stores...

Best Dry
Best Grain-Free Dry

(Of course, the GOOD stuff I buy my dog are all on these lists).

I am all busied up today. I must work out the logistics of buying stuff. It might involve another super-long walk. It's complicated because this store always runs its sales on weekends when buses are not available. Welcome to Stupidtown.

Just to remind folks: A great way to buy good dog food is via Chewy's.

Note: I heard a repeat of Floyd Abrams' advocacy of Citizens United, (&c.). And, once again, I am compelled to post on it, because his arguments are not as logical as the host sheepishly submits to them being. Mostly, they are fallacious, and I really must get around to posting on this when I can.

Saw, "Steve Jobs," last night.

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