I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Here Come the Bees... (They're American bees. Made in America!)

Here they come again. The bees who need to disappear into your Coke can. September Bees. Just when you thought it was safe to go outside. As foretold, outside today, a bee started messing with my head. Then, after that, a human started doing the same thing. I'm serious. It was the dufus who dresses like a pumpkin.

And it is sad because Bee Girl is no more.

A girlfriend used to call me, "B."

Last night, World Cafe did an astonishing mix, which followed, "Red Rain," with that National's song about a swarm of bees. Perfect. But I don't think the show exactly followed this playlist, (hour two 8/28 - can be streamed). Apparently, David DiE! is still working his magic behind the curtain.

But I think Michaela Majeune will always be the real spiritual and creative force behind the show. It's been a few years since they even aired any interview from her. But she had the Madison morning show which inspired, "World Cafe." I talked to her once, and it was like I was a rock star, lol. PS - Talia Shlanger(sp) is great but sometimes almost too loose or rough. The other day she did an interview with Dan Wilson and I think they are great together / should get a room.

I have a million links about bees - just another topic I have yet to theme-post about, (although see my tag). A recent news story came out saying that both unsocial bees and autistics share similar disruptions in certain genes: Thus sociability may be a fundamental trait deeply shared by all (social) species. That is AMAZING research!

But, nobody seemed to ask whether there (also) might not be a common environmental trigger, (altering the genetics), causing both bees and autistics to be unsocial. Something like, say, BT, GMO's, nicotinoids and/or Round-UP (glyphosate) mega-herbacide?! - all of which may be summed up in one word: MONSANTO?!

Let's wait until radiation causes us all to have two heads so we can find out what genes control head count.

I think way back when I first heard the word, "autism," I thought it meant, "oughtism," or the school of thought, preaching, "You ought to do this!" and, "You ought to do that!"

Ahhhh! Leave me bee!
Tags: animals - insects - bees

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