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Great American Eclipse (Trump?) Fallout Post...

Posted on 2017.08.27 at 17:00
If you wonder how ill I've been, then look at this post, which should have been posted the day after the eclipse...

First of all, there is a time-lapse movie of the eclipse over at the Daily Mail. I just lost the link because their site removes your tabbed links after a certain amount of time. But, you can still find it if you search there. Btw - I keep posting about this eclipse because I feel I have a certain obligation to you, since I cover space, and all that. It isn't like I am infatuated by the eclipse. Actually, big fucking deal. The only thing I find interesting about the eclipse is that, at this point in time, the moon ends up being almost exactly the same size as the sun, relative to us. Very odd chances. But, it is also good that scientists get to study the corona.

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