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Posted on 2017.08.27 at 05:14
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"Do not return to your homes... I have thought of the term, 'Biblical,' but I will accept the term, 'Apocalyptic.'"
- Texas public official, regarding the weather disaster.

PS - Remember Hurricane Katrina? I don't hear anyone shouting that Texans are being punished because they don't believe in global warming. But I tell you wut! The longer they deny, the more they'll be getting hit, harder and harder. That's an actual correlation. Not like the more gay you are, the more hurricanes will flood your city. The latter just isn't a reality. The former is. So, lol, blame the fuckers!

(Note: I am not talking about the victims of this disaster.  Not serious.  Don't want harm for anyone.  Just been through a lifetime dealing with stupidity, right?)

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