I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Winding your way down Bleecker Street...

Weirdness abounds. That's what happens when you get big hair. You so saw me do it, right? You saw me mention the Unabomber the other day! Maybe it was Monday. So, what happens on Tuesday? NPR's, "Here and Now," suddenly does a lengthy bit about the Unabomber. That is soon followed by a full, "Fresh Air," show about the Unabomber. Later, I go see a movie, and one of the first things one of the characters does is mention the Unabomber. I mean, what are the chances?!

I have also been coincidentally watching a string of movies all involving, "Rednecks," lately. But this is unremarkable, and so shall be included when I discuss those movies. However, yesterday, I grabbed a movie at the library with no knowledge of it. After that, I went to the movie. The movie was distributed by, Bleecker Street, which was the first time I EVER saw this name. After the movie, I went home and popped in the library DVD - and it was a Redneck film, distributed by Bleecker Street! (And I never knew there could a bleaker street than the one I'm living on, anyway).

I started writing a min-theme-post about TIME, a day or so ago. Soon enough, my Stanford Encyclopaedia RSS feed posted a intro to an entry on TIME - perfect to include). OK, that is fine, just coincidence. But then I started forming a post on Evolution and Religion - and so it posts an intro to an entry related to Evolution and Religion!

Maybe you remember many of my posts in the past where I argued that we are psychic antennae - and, literally, our DNA partly do act as electronic/magnetic antennae. (Multiply that by billions). I have long harped on this subject, and on harmonics, and on the electrical universe. So, I was happy to have discovered a book on sale at the library, for sale at 5o cents, called, "The Human Antenna." (Written by a doctor/musician living in NZ, the land that Apocalypse forgot).

Then, today, I see this little paranormal article, saying that our hair is an antenna - working as an extension of our nervous system. My hair is so long and sexy - is this why I am now relentless in the flow? It's like my hair is a swarm of Medusa snake heads, all reaching out and grabbing new ideas out of the universal ether. (And my hair is so frizzy, I can tell you all about quantum entanglement. The answer is coconut oil! Which is ironic, if you've ever actually seen a coconut. This is like if you want a good brain, your supposed to eat walnuts, which look like brains).

Of course, I don't accept this as scientific fact, (a la evolution, which took us a few million years to finally prove). But, dude. All the big geniuses had big hair, right? Seriously, who needs cell phones with hair so big?! Check out the CIA hair experiment!

Here: Our Hair is an extension to the nervous system—Reason why Native American Indians keep their hair LONG*

But, of course, we all know that we cannot believe anything the CIA says or does...

CIA document states “Russian soldiers were turned to STONE” after Alien attack!

* - Note that I have written about this site before: It is half fake news; and half fact written up like it is also fake news. The writing and spelling are so to die for, lol.

Conclusion: The cosmic cure to redneckedness is to grow long hair! This post has been distributed by Bleaker and Bleaker, lawyers in love.
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