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oor wullie

Zemblanity & the Realities of Life.

Posted on 2017.08.22 at 05:58
Zemblanity. When the Origami Universe throws meaning your way, which isn't exactly fortuitous. Unlike the wonders of synchronicity, meaning emerges instead from forces that you regard as being negative and reactive. Not meaning from order, but meaning from entropy, as far as you are concerned, as you plod along on your arrow of time. Better get on - with the Realities of Life...

Take care, beware of the Passive Aggressive in your life.

Ever fare on in exuberance and positivity, only to be tripped up by some cranky old hag's Wrongful Suspicion? That is a Comstock Load of bull, hence the word Comstockery: the overzealous moral censorship of the fine arts and literature, often mistaking outspokenly honest works for salacious ones. As there are Luddites who fear and attack all new technology, (e.g., the Unabomber), there the Comstalkers, who fear and attack all artistic and positive creativity. Look for them during the next exciting wave of fascism.

More quotes from the Emerson Files.

This is another post dedicated to someone preparing to make The Big Move.

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