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now THAT'S a tuna sandwich!


Sandwiches are important to me. I was once a professional sandwich-maker, so I take sandwiches very serious-like - compared to most other things in my life.

I have always had a problem with tuna - which I eat a fair amount of. The prob I've had is this: I could never make a tuna sandwich where the tuna stands out, tasting like the main ingredient, tuna. Everything else would mask the taste. (Now, I'm not talking about tuna-SALAD, which isn't really supposed to taste like tuna anyway).

That is, until now.

I just made two great tuna sandwiches - and they worked. Why? What did I do differently?

1 - The bun was dif - not too flavorful like rye or wheat, but not white; and when toasted, it remained nice and flakey, like the proud creator.

2 - The onion slice was microwaved a bit, and then again w/ the (American BLA!!) cheese melted onto it. I think this was a big factor.

3 - No ketchup or mutard, just a little light creamy ranch dressing on top.

4 - I used spinach leaves instead of lettuce. This might also have been important - maybe bringing out more of a fishy bight.

5 - Other ingredients: One slice of tomatoe, black pepper, salt - pretty basic. But NO pickle.

If you wish to try this at home, please send me a 5% royalty.
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